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2011: A year in review

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Putting processes in place
to increase efficiency

One of the key parts of our simplicity pillar is putting common processes in place across our businesses. We are taking advantage of our strengths, scale, and resources as an international company. Click on the icons below to find out how Albert Heijn's distribution centers have simplified their processes to increase efficiency.

  • Before


    • Until recently, each distribution center (DC) had its own systems. Managers at each DC were responsible not only for the daily operations of their DC, but also for its long-term strategy. Every DC had its own administration department and reported to Albert Heijn's head office separately.
    • Each site had its own management team, facility manager, and finance and HR department.
    • At the end of 2008, Ahold began to prepare itself for growth in Europe. To make this possible, a new way of working was needed.
    • In 2009, plans were drawn up for a newly structured organization, and the Works Council gave the concepts the go-ahead in 2010.
  • After


    • Since March 2011, all of Albert Heijn's distributions centers have migrated to a new way of working.
    • Production and management tasks have been separated from each other. The DC's production team now focuses on what's happening on the ground: picking up orders, loading and unloading, while the DC's process-management team oversees the entire workflow in the DC. Together, they are working towards excellent service, in a sustainable manner, at the lowest costs.
    • Each site has a small, dedicated management team of three to manage the operations of the site. Controlling, HR and other support functions are centralized on a national level.
    • All DCs now use a centralized system, and consult central administration and facility management departments. They no longer report to the head office separately.